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Retro Bowling Shirts Custom Made

Charlies Bowling Shirts

Charlies Bowling shirts, are bowling shirts custom made by Charlie Harper Shirts. Any size shirts, Big & Tall clothing all have the definitive classic Retro Bowling Shirts style.Therefore if you are looking for great retro design bowling shirts,Charlie Sheen shirts, they are here. Any shirt can be made to your requirements. A wide color selection that you can mix n match to make your own distinctive style. Bowling shirts that never seem to lose their appeal because they always look cool but smart. Classic designs in bold colors and contrasting panels or stripes. Relaxed styling that look great for almost any occasion. Above all, we have the widest choice of colors and designs custom made just for you.

Big & Tall to children sizes are no problem because we make all our own shirts in house.

Charlie Sheen shirt collection

Charlie Harper Shirts Collection

Charlie Sheen shirts are probably best know from “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie Sheen as character Charlie Harper and his distinctive Bowling Shirt casual but looks super cool.

Charlies Bowling shirts were the trademark look for the character of Charlie Harper.Here we have a whole selection for you to choose from.Retro styling at its very best.

Sopranos Shirts

The Sopranos Shirts Collection

Tony Soprano, the icon of the “The Sopranos” TV show. Here we have the classic designs Sopranos shirts worn by Tony Soprano and his crew on the show. They are reproduced for you here. Custom Made shirts available in a variety of colors. It’s because these shirts can be made any size you need from small to Big & Tall that makes them so popular

American Retro Shirts

All American Shirts Collection

Our classic All American bowling shirts aren’t just for bowling in style; they’re the perfect shirts for pool leaguesdart teamsrock bands, to Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts or Events. The retro style shirts can be customized for corporate events as well! We have many designs to suit your needs and we can make any size or quantity you may need.

Custom Made Shirts for Any Occasion


We can make whatever you need, for whatever the occasion. Best men at a Wedding, Match the Brides dress, Special events, Corporate events, Teams, Clubs or Staff uninforms.

Size is no problem, from Infant to Adult, Short, Tall, Big or Small we can make them ALL