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Charlie Sheen shirts from two and a half men
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There is a great selection of Charlie’s shirts here. Please ensure you click on the style image to open up a wide range of options and colors for that design.

Charlie Sheen shirts, Charlie Harper shirts

These are probably best know from “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie Sheen as character Charlie Harper and his distinctive Custom Bowling Shirt casual but looks super cool. Charlies Bowling shirts were the trademark look for the character of Charlie Harper. Here we have a whole selection for you to choose from.Retro style shirts at the very best.

Say what you want about Charlie Sheen Shirts, but there is no denying the fact that they are cool!. Charlie Harper had a certain panache that makes us wish we were a little bit more like him. Take for example, his wardrobe for “Two and a Half Men”. Charlie Harper the jingle writer and ladies man, he is a virtual catalog for the Hollywood trend of retro fashion.Two toned, short-sleeved bowling shirts and cabana wear over khaki shorts say all sorts of things about the wearer.Charlie Sheen shirts have a definitive style!

Charlie Sheen shirts

These are comfortable vintage style shirts, which are basically bowling shirts made upscale. Most are made of 100% Premium soft Polyester in retro patterns. The color combinations with color blocks that incorporate details of the classic ’50s bowling shirts. They say of the wearer, “I’m stylish, laid-back and cool but don’t take myself too seriously.” They were the perfect look for Charlie.

This upscale sportswear is fully inspired by the martini lounges, pool halls and bowling alleys of the 1950s, An era when men were men and the cool, smooth styles of the Rat Pack influenced men’s fashion.

You really should check out the other Retro design Bowling Shirts because these clothes are amazing . You can also check out  the All American styles, all of which feature contrasting collars and vertical front panels against the standard black background. All collars on these shirts are splayed, and options include the traditional embroidery designs. Each series is made from a quality fabric depending on your needs.

  Every guy should have at least one of these in his wardrobe.


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