Custom Made Shirts for Any Occasion

We can make whatever you need, for whatever the occasion. Best men at a Wedding, Match the Brides dress, Special events, Corporate events, Teams, Clubs or Staff uninforms.

Size is no problem, from Infant to Adult, Short, Tall, Big or Small we can make them ALL

Charlie Bowling Shirts is not just a another retailer of quality custom made shirts, we actually have our own staff and Tailor to make each and every shirt we offer in our own premises.Unlike the vast majority of online stores who merely sell stock made by mass production factories and sold in duplicate in many many stores around the world, we actually make and sell our own product.

This gives us the unique ability to adjust and make whatever you may need. It may be you need something larger, smaller, different colors, even different designs, whatever it is we can work with you to achieve it. Not everyone is able or comfortable buying a shirt “off the rack”, everyone is different and we make that aspect easier.

If you want something distinctive, or just a simple adjustment, just ask ! 

You may need a quantity of the same shirt in particular colors for a Family occasion, Team or Club event, Company staff, Hotels, Bars, Resorts, Clubs, Uniforms probem we can make them in all the sizes and varieties you need and they’ll all match perfectly!

Maybe you want to have something Special for a Wedding, we’ve done that too! and size is no issue either, we can make from small children right up to the larger guys, anything is possible when you actually make the shirts as we do.

So, if you want you shirt an inch shorter than standard, need the shirt 3 inches longer because you are a taller guy,want to change the collar color, prefer to have long sleeves, need a breast pocket or two, its ALL possible, and all you have to do is ASK !


We offer a range of basic embroidery designs to add to your shirt. We are happy to consider any designs you may have too, just send us an email and an image and we’ll try to help.

We will contrast the thread of the embroidery to match the color of the shirt. There is sometimes a slight variation in color but its minimal and due to the silk thread used.


Whether its initials, company logo, emblem, club badge, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.


Customize Your Shirt, Your way !

If you want to adjust your selected shirt from the standard options available we are happy to assist you. Place the order for a standard shirt first, then add  your choices from the list below to customize it YOUR way.

Maybe you need:

A size smaller than is listed
A size bigger than listed, between 54 – 60
A size bigger than listed size 62 or larger

Add Long sleeves
Add a pocket or two

Add an Embroidery design

Change the color scheme using our color chart.

Just use the form and tell us what you need and  we will discuss the details and price with you by email.

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